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THE KING (Set List: 8.4.13)


O Worship the King - Hymn Version

King of Glory - by Chris Tomlin

We Fall Down - by Chris Tomlin

King of Wonders - by Matt Redman

Wonderful King - by David Crowder

Amazing Love - by Billy James Foote

This week the theme of our message, if you didn’t guess by the songs above, was Jesus as King. It was a great time of worship, and I love the idea of Jesus as King.

The True King. The Good King. The High King. The Mighty King. The Wonderful, Holy, Beautiful, Majestic, Glorious, Radiant, Righteous, Serving, Powerful, Lovely King. He is THE KING.To quote a line from a band I love, Ghost Ship, “Our King is coming, to this city, and crowds around are following, if I could see, I would follow too.”

This week, as you go about your day to day life and routine, Would you allow this King to open your eyes, cast away any other idols that may have taken the throne of your heart, and see Him for what He is…THE KING. And may He rule in your heart again or for the first time. Jesus the King, Reigns. Amen.


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